Mario Kart Tour “Baby Rosalina”

By: EricAdamson

Baby Rosalina (Detective), Tea Coupe kart and Plaid Ribbon glider are all visible in the spotlight during the Tour’s first week. This combo combines speed and sleuth in style!

Baby Rosalina (Detective’s) special item is Dash Panel Plus – sure to put the “boost” in “booster chair!”

For the duration of the Tour, the favored courses of Baby-Rosalina (Detective), will include the second cup of each cup. This will help you to solve new point records before your nap!

You can see Rosalina, Waluigi (Bus Driver), the Double Decker Kart and Waluigi in the spotlight during the Baby-Rosalina  Tour’s second week.

  • Rosalina’s favorite item is the Dash Ring. Drift for the stars
  • Waluigi (Bus Driver’s Special Item) loves Triple Bananas. It’s quite a lot

For the duration of the Tour, the preferred courses for Rosalina (Bus Driver), and Waluigi will include the third cup of each cup. Try to break new points records!

Baby Rosalina Featured Course

You can zoom, drift and pip pip through the various twists and turns of London Loop 2!

  • Gifts for the Tour

Baby deserves Mario is the Tour gift that comes with the Gold Pass subscription. As a Tour gift, you can also get the Double Decker Kart if you have Mario Kart Tour Gold Pass and you earn enough Grand Stars.

  • About Mario Kart Tour

The Mario Kart Tour is a free-to-start game that allows players to put the pedal on the gas in courses inspired by real-world locations and Mario Kart series favourites. You can use powerful items to win endless racing fun. You can upgrade many drivers, karts and gliders in order to win.

Special in-game events courses called “City Courses” will be offered during certain times and are available every two weeks.

  • Eggs

The Eggs. She was previously mentioned as a candidate for the next star child after Bowser lost that star status. E. Gadd sent a signal beam to locate her, but none of the other babies knew about her. Rosalina, who was the star child candidate for the star child award, appeared and saved Baby Daisy and amara baby food Waluigi from being kidnapped. Baby-Rosalina is adorable as ever.

Baby Peach’s turn to Shine

Baby Peach’s Turn to Shine. The game will be released in 2010. After she is saved, she becomes a playable character.

  • Piranha Plant Storms

Baby-Rosalina is back as a playable character in Diaper Duty 4 – Piranha Plant Storms. Baby Donkey Kong, Baby Peach and she wait in space. These three children are the only ones that can be played in the game. She seems to have a Shroom Ship that allows her to travel between her station on earth and the other side at any moment.

  • Koopa Kid Gets Mad

Diaper Duty 5: Koopa Kid gets Mad is Baby-Rosalina return. She is seen in this Jungle Japes level, where she is held captive by Prince K. Rool. After being saved in the fourth level, she is now playable.

  • Baby Birdo is Born 

Baby-Rosalina makes her last appearance in Diaper Duty 6: Easter dress baby girl Birdo Is Born. She is the second playable character. She answers Yoshi’s distress calls immediately and is available from the second level.

  • Nega Star Children

Baby-Rosalina is a minor character that appears in Diaper Duty 7 The Nega Star Children. She relinquishes star child power with the consent of other star children and returns it to Baby Bowser. She immediately leaves to go back to the Lumas.

  • Super Baby Mario Kart

Playable character on the Diaper Duty Spinoff Super Baby Mario Kart.

  • Lost Island

Baby-Rosalina is only briefly seen in Diaper Duty 9 The Lost Island. She is summoned at the end by the current star kids to help them gain more strength to defeat Prince K. Rool.

Super Mario Baby Rosalina Innocence

Super Mario Innocence season 3 features Baby-Rosalina as the main character. Baby-Rosalina is the Cosmic key. Other babies like Baby Birdo and baby bjorn carrier Donkey Kong are only a handful of characters. Mario and his friends can use this mysterious item to travel back in time and rescue the other babies that are in danger.

Baby-Rosalina, despite being a newborn, can perform amazing feats in combat and even gets into fights to save her friends. She also has some cosmic and space-related abilities.

Super Mario Ultra Speed

Featured in Super Mario Ultra Speed, the last season of Super Mario Revival. Her adult form Starlight Cosmic Generations can also perform a powerful attack. Rosalina and can shoot two beams light and stars when they touch each other’s hand.