7 Tips for First-Time Parents Welcome Baby Party Ideas

By: EricAdamson

Are you planning to host a baby shower but don’t know where to begin or how to plan it?

Don’t worry, we have a blog that will help you, especially if this is your first time parenting.

We have listed below some great ideas for baby showers so that you have an easy time planning and so that your baby’s party is memorable and fun.

7 Tips for First-Time Parents: Welcome Baby Party Ideas

Choose a Color

When planning a welcome baby boy or girl party, the first thing you should do is pick a color. Parents prefer pink for their girls, while blue is more popular for their boys. You will be able to easily decorate your party if you know the gender of your baby.

We are so glad to have you as a baby girl

You can change things up by using other colors, but you should only use colors you love. You should decorate your home in the color you have chosen.

Baby boy, welcome Cupcakes, cakes, and sweets available for order

You will have trouble making your baby’s party fun without cakes, sweets and cupcakes. This is especially true if you plan to invite other children to your party.

Order something delicious that can be enjoyed by all – parents, children, and the elderly who will be attending your baby shower.

Tip: Before you make any final decisions about the cupcakes, sweets, or cakes, taste them first. This will help you discover something truly amazing and delicious.


You will want to decorate your home to reflect the theme and colors you choose for the welcome baby party.

If you choose to go with blue as your main colour, make sure you use complementary colors. Blue goes well with white, and pink goes well with white. Mixing colors is a great way to find something unique and attractive before you commit to anything.

Take your time when choosing colors. This will help you to find something you like. Remember that colors can make your party brighter.


A party without a theme will be boring. This is why you should choose a theme when planning a baby shower.

You should use the internet to find a theme that you like for your baby’s first party. The internet is vast and can be overwhelming. This is why it is so important to do proper research.

These are the top themes for baby showers:

  • The Office Theme
  • Friends Theme
  • Elephant Party Theme
  • It’s a Boy Theme
  • It’s a Girl Theme
  • Car’s Theme
  • Minimalist Theme
  • Flowers
  • Wonder Woman Theme
  • Superman Theme
  • Batman Theme
  • Spiderman Theme

These are just a few of the many themes you have when planning a baby shower for your child.


If you plan to invite children to your party, it is a good idea to include games so that they can have fun and enjoy themselves.

These are just a few of the many games you can plan to play at your party.

  • What Age Was She?
  • Are You That Baby?
  • My water broke!
  • Find the guest!
  • Guess the candy bar
  • Guess the Baby Food
  • The Left Right Game
  • Emoji Anagrams
  • Find the guest
  • What is Mommy Cravings?

Keep in mind that these are just a few of the many games you can play when throwing a baby shower. When choosing a game, make sure you know who is attending the party before you choose a game.

If there are more adults coming, choose a game that is both fun and educational for them all. Focus on the children if there are more of you. They will be the focus all day.

Tip: Make sure to play in your backyard or large front yard if you have games. This will allow your children to roam freely, and you can also allow them to play and enjoy the games.

Hire A Professional

You can hire a professional to manage your event if you have the funds. They can handle all aspects of your party for you. All you have to do is relax and enjoy.

Professionals can ensure that your party runs smoothly. A professional can ensure that your party is organized in the best way possible, from the decorations to the theme and invitation cards.

You should also make sure to check out the reviews of any professionals before you hire them. You can check their reviews to ensure that they are reputable and capable of organizing your party in a way that is stress-free.


Your party will look boring if it doesn’t have food. You should check the reviews on the web before you hire a caterer. You can get a good idea of what it would be like working with the caterer, even if you don’t hire them. You should also check the menu and request a taste.