Soft-Structured Carrier Tips and Tricks

By: EricAdamson

Soft-Structured Carrier Tips and Tricks

Carrier Tips and Tricks: Babywearing has many benefits – bonding, long-lasting cuddles and getting things done. We believe that your baby will be in the best place if you are there for them. You can monitor your baby better when you are in close contact. However, it is important to be aware of safety precautions when using any baby carrier. This is why we are sharing them with you. These “tricks” can help make your baby wearing experience easier and more enjoyable. While these tips can be applied to any type or wrap of baby carrier, they are more applicable to soft-structured carriers like SSCs.

Safety First

Make sure your baby is in a carrier that fits snugly. Your baby can fall through spaces between the shoulder straps and shoulder strap connections.

Make sure to check your carrier regularly to ensure it is in good shape. Baby carriers are not the only items made of sewn fabric that can be damaged by wear and tear. Every time you pick up your baby carrier, make sure to inspect it for damage. You should not use it if it’s damaged.

Always ensure that you are able see your baby’s faces. Your baby’s ability to breathe will be compromised if it is cradled in your carrier. This is especially true with babies younger than one year. Your baby’s face should never be completely covered, no matter if they are wearing a blanket or a jacket. This tip is applicable to all types and styles of baby carriers, such as wraps or slings.

Tips and Tricks

Are you looking for a better place to sit?

Once your baby is in the carrier, adjust your waist belt. Now you can do this: Lift your shoulder straps off your shoulders and gently bounce. Your baby will fall asleep in the carrier’s seat.

Do you feel the weight on your shoulders

You can reduce the weight in your shoulders by adjusting your waist belt so it rests at the top. Tighten it to ensure it stays there. Adjust your shoulder straps to make sure they are tight but not too tight. Your baby’s weight will be distributed correctly by placing emphasis on your hips and loosening up on your shoulders.

You want to be able to take back all your straps when it comes time to get rid of them?

The shoulder straps should be tucked in. Roll the carrier tightly. You should now face your baby carrier’s outside. Now, take the waistband and wrap it around the carrier’s roll. You can now buckle it. Grab it and you are good to go. There will be no more straps dangling all over the place. Huzzah!

The best tip of all?

Find a babywearing club near you. By joining a local babywearing club, you will be able to connect with other parents, learn from experienced babywearing instructors, as well as try out different baby carriers. This will help you and your baby find the perfect babywearing partner. You can find a nearby babywearing club by following the link. There are many, and we try our best to keep our huge list of regional babywearing clubs up to date. We hope that you will find one close to you.